as if inside our skulls, instead of the brain, we felt a fish, floating, attracted by the Moon.

Monday, March 22, 2010


First off, I'm a little on the fence with my opinion about the health care bill being passed. On one hand, it's definitely a great thing that everyone can get coverage, and everyone agrees that our current system is pretty damn terrible. However, I think there are several problems that make me dubious of the newly passed health care reform bill:

1) Starting in 2014, it will be mandatory for all US citizens to buy the government health care. If you don't, you will be fined and possibly worse, depending on the situation. I think this is terrible and pretty damn unconstitutional. What if I don't want the government health care? What if I don't want a plan that covers maternity leave or drug abuse treatment, but I still have to pay for it all? What if I don't have the money for it? I'm not saying I'm not going to purchase the government plan (I'll have to), but there is definitely something wrong with forcing everyone who doesn't want to take part to do it anyway. That's not very fair.

2) Vaccines will also be mandatory. In the case that anything similar to swine flu comes out in the future (which it definitely will, but that's another barrel of fish) everyone will have to get vaccinated. It will be compulsory vaccination under the guise of volunteer based vaccination. Those who refuse the vaccine can (and likely will) be put into quarantine. This gives the government the power to essentially imprison those who don't follow their rules. And with all the bad shit surrounding vaccines in the past (the avian flu vaccine scandal, for example) I don't think I want to be vaccinated, but I certainly don't want to be quarantined. This illusion of "choice" also conflicts strongly with both my personal morals, and the whole idea of "American freedom."

3) Doctor-patient confidentiality is going to be essentially non-existent. Because health care will become a government run operation, this forces the health care system to share information with other government run operations. This probably won't effect you or me (hopefully), but it will effect a large amount of people. Say the FBI or homeland security decides that schizophrenics are at risk for committing terrorist attacks, or are just a general threat. This means that the FBI, now having access to all medical records, can simply put all schizophrenics on an FBI watch list. Does that sound constitutional to you? Just because someone has a mental disorder doesn't give anyone the right to tap their phone.

I'm sure there are more things that others are in an uproar about, but these three are my main concerns. I am glad that we'll have a better health care system, but is it worth it? I for one was definitely one of the people who would have liked to see the bill changed. I guess it's too late.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking Bad

Day 03 — Your favourite television program


Thursday, March 11, 2010


got static on the satellite phone
gotta get you safe at home
gotta get you somewhere warm
so you get me all alone

Day 02 — Your favourite song

(these are not consecutive days. more like updates instead of days)

I want it to be summer. I don't want to be in school.
I'm almost done reading Needful Things. I like stephen king. he's a great writer, even if he is a little bit of weirdo. I'd love to be as rich as him from writing horror novels. what a wonderful life that would be.
I feel like painting, but I'm a horrible artist.
maybe I'll go make horrible art.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

can you hose me down with holy water when I get too hot?

I think I'm one of those assholes who gets seasonal depression. now that it's warm and bright outside I'm incredibly cheerful. this is hopefully a permanent step in a positive direction.

(ps) found this on tumblr. I think it's a good idea., so here's my favorite movie (though it's hard to chose)

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

life is good

oh god this blog is hilarious. I go back and forth so often. whatever.
so I had a good long phone conversation with luke. I won't go into detail because a) it'll take too long and b) this is a public blog and that would just be too much, but we had a good talk, and I'm very glad it happened. I'm probably happier/more at ease right now because of that than I've been in months.
I also cleaned the apartment and ordered a cap gun pistol on ebay today.
life is good.

(ps) this is how I feel about life

Friday, March 5, 2010

kirsten's-life-the-comic chapter 1, in which I lock my keys in the car; starring me as myself and jack as the true harry potter

me: "d'you get the keys?"
jack: "yeah"

jack: "ok, I have to go, do you have the keys?"
me: "I thought you had them."

"get the vice grips!"
"do we have a coat hanger? maybe matson has a coat hanger."

me: "someone's going to arrest us."
jack: "I don't think this is working."

handy-dandy-fireman: "hey, you guys locked out?"
jack: "yes! yes! awesome!"
me: "thank god we're white."
jack: "no foolin'"

Thursday, March 4, 2010

fuck everything

Sometimes I hate college. I know I'm smart. I know I know this stuff. I know all the answers to the PRS questions in biology, I've read the whole book, I know all the information by heart, so then WHY THE FUCK did I get a 60 on the exam? what is wrong with me? I would blame it on the exam but I mean, that doesn't change anything, I'm still going to fail a class that I KNOW ALL OF THE INFORMATION FOR BETTER THAN MOST PEOPLE IN THE CLASS just because I can't take a fucking test. God damnit.

I wish I could apply to a morgue/crime lab and say,
"ok, I know I don't have a college degree or good grades, but ask me anything you want about the human body/the process of death and decomposition/illness and disease/neurotoxins and poisons/psychoactives/etc and I'll prove that I'm suited to work here."

but the world doesn't work that way.