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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thoughts on Justin Bieber

Disclaimer: I'm lame.

Ok, so, I've been hearing the name "Justin Bieber" for a few months now, and honestly had no idea who he was. I didn't learn until a couple weeks ago that he's a singer...
So I looked him up on youtube, and apparently all the songs on the radio I'd thought were by a woman were by Justin Bieber. (I thought "One Less Lonely Girl" was by a woman, singing about a girl committing suicice hahahahahaha.)
So I've been listening to Justin Bieber music and I actually kind of like it.
He's got a lot of decent people to do duets with (his bro-friendship with Usher is really adorable) and whoever does the mixing for his tracks is really good, so the results are usually sort of nice.
(I may or may not be listening to Eenie Meenie on repeat.)

Some of my opinions/thoughts on Justin Bieber:

1) He is not sexually attractive. He is a child. Girls over the age of 13 who fawn over Justin Bieber are pedophiles (and yes, I know he's 16, but he is at the developmental stage of a 13 year old; being attracted to him is still gross).

2) He is, however, a pretty hilarious person. And the fact that he looks so young makes it all the more adorable.

Honestly, this is totally how I would act if I were famous. I feel ya, Biebz.

Also, I just want to say that his music videos always frustrate me.
I swear I've abandoned my obsession with anime and Kingdom Hearts, but bear with me here.
All his music videos introduce an arbitrary pubescent girl as the love-interest-of-the-moment, and somehow it just wrong to me. Justin Bieber does not look like someone who should be in love with girls.
This isn't because he looks gay, he just looks like a child. Honestly, this is because he looks like a real-life Roxas...

Justin Bieber can't be in love with girls, because he needs to find his real-life Axel. Seriously.
(Because most people aren't as lame as I am, I'll include this video, which is a pretty accurate summary of Axel and Roxas' interactions in Kingdom Hearts II...)

Though if they ever make a movie of Kingdom Hearts, Biebekins gets 100% of my support for the role of Roxas.

Just my two cents on the matter. Don't judge me...

(ps) Day 14 — A non-fictional book

(Luke, if you've stumbled across my blog by now, I still have your copy of this in my car! I'll return it to you some time soon.)

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