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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Living arrangements and other such things

Hahaha. I was browsing tumblr and found this photo, it made me chuckle a little. This is photoshopped to look all horror-movie-esq. The original was a photo of one of the first patients to receive a facial transplant; I think her black lab attacked her. I still find it surprising that a black lab did that. They're usually such nice dogs, I wonder what provoked it?

In other news, I realize I keep forgetting to write anything about the container house.
Jack's father, in a sudden bought of insanity/generosity decided that if Jack arranges everything (finding land, materials, planning out and setting up the whole thing) that he would pay all expenses to build a house for us out of shipping containers.
This is an example of a shipping container house, for those who are skeptical of how "home"y it would be. Shipping container houses are becoming more popular with the energy efficient/green crowd, and they're super cheap to build. Each container is about $1000-$1500, and four containers would be more than enough to build an average sized two-story house.

Though, at the moment, the biggest issue we've run into is buying land. Land is very expensive (there's a $100,000 budget on this project) and the towns in which land is cheap are way out in the middle of fucking nowhere (nowhere as in no cell service and no cable TV). It would be nice to live in the woods, but not nice to have to drive 1-2 hours to get to school every day.
So Jack's father proposed that if we can't find a suitable place to actually put the container house, he would be willing to up the budget to $200,000, and consider just buying us a house. Which, holy shit, would be fabulous. With mortgage + bills it would probably be about $1100 a month to live in, so we'd probably rent out some rooms to pay for it.
Either way, all of this is awesome.

By the way, whether or not we build a house or buy one, this would all be happening over the summer.


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  1. I love reading your blog because you post exciting news like this! :)your life is interesting to read about, in general.


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