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Friday, April 23, 2010

Short hair vs. Long hair: a summary

Now that it's summer, I'm again faced with the extremely powerful urge to cut off all my hair. I know that it would be a terrible idea, but I just remember how much more comfortable and easy my short hair was. I've made an excel chart to demonstrate this: (ignore the typo lol)

Despite taking less time, short hair makes me look like a slightly chubby, slightly Korean man. It's also pretty boring, as I can't do anything [sane-looking] with it.
So, I'm sticking with long hair.
To further demonstrate my point with visuals, I present to you two very unflattering photos. (But the most recent/long haired photo is still obviously better.)

See? How did this happen? I had no idea that the only (major) reason I was always so unattractive was because of my hair. There goes about 8 wasted years of my life trying to make myself attractive with short hair-*COUGHandnofashionsense*.
I suppose on the bright side, at least I look like a girl now.


Day 06 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Ok, apparently one of the first image results on Google for "whatever tickles your fancy" is a still from this commercial from Coco de Mer, an eroic boutique.

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