as if inside our skulls, instead of the brain, we felt a fish, floating, attracted by the Moon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

poetry shit

breathe in and out: inhale, exhale,
burt stones, dirt, metal, fiber glass;
dry, hot, dry, hot, swollen.
counting steps; dry, hot, swollen;
dark beasts prowling behind the door.
little wooden puppet feet,
scratching, clawing, breaking.
ballerina with skinny wrists licking her fingers, a look is exchanged;
wet hair, cold puppet feet, thick wooden legs, leaning sideways, dripping, watching.
bones wrapped in wire, string attached to the head;
a little wooden puppet
breaking glass, swallowing, turning red;
thick dark curtains, almonds, mirror eyes, peeling paint, creaking;
jostling, shifting, slipping;
a scarecrow, a rag doll, a wooden puppet.
floating head held aloft by a wire, rotating slightly;
falling suddenly: a crashing sound as the wooden limbs crumple in a heap;
smiling: wide, bright, sharp predatory teeth, shadow throat, laughter.
breathe in and out: inhale, exhale: everything is fine,
this is how the world works,
this is how it's supposed to be;
breathe in and out: inhale, exhale: calm down, everything is fine.
little wooden puppet, lacking lungs, barely breathing, exhale, empty.
falling suddenly: a crashing sound as the wooden limbs splinter slightly;
digging debris out of the gaps between the floor boards,
tiny pieces of wood, bits of wire.
shadow throat, laughing, ghostly shadow eyes:
buttons, strings, mirror eyes, pealing paint, grease;
the striking feeling of being lowered into warm water,
or onto a knife blade;
the subtle vibration within the wood.
standing, supported by a wire, watching;
suddenly: a crashing sound as the puppet falls to the floor.

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