as if inside our skulls, instead of the brain, we felt a fish, floating, attracted by the Moon.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

how cliche am I?

Oh god lol. I'm just skim-reading the DSM-IV, don't mind me.


  1. my cousin has borderline personality disorder and she is unstable to the point of impairing her social/daily functioning. i have never heard of a "mild" case before (not that i have extensive knowledge of psychology, just that in things i have read/seen, etc this seems to be the case, but i am probably wrong)...

    despite the appearance of symptoms the only way to know is to be formally diagnosed, as you of course know. if you really are worried that you are having great problems you can always contact a psychologist yourself instead of waiting for meredith, because she might never schedule anything. just my two cents.

  2. ps. man, lotsa people have insects/larva in their eyes! that must be so bothersome...

  3. but there can only be on toose (unless there are two toose?)

  4. I hate self diagnosis, and as soon as meredith finally sets up a shrink for us I'm not going to be certain. I don't know your cousin, but for quite a while this has pretty heavily impared my social/daily functioning. that's why I miss so much school lol. not going to go into detail because blogspot is public, but perhaps I'll tell you about this some other time.

  5. i hate self diagnosis but i'm guilty of it, too. i think everyone is.

    my cousin lives in new jersey, she's still having a really hard time.

    do tell me in detail sometime, i'm all ears in terms of this sort of thing. i also like hearin' people's stories. true story.


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