as if inside our skulls, instead of the brain, we felt a fish, floating, attracted by the Moon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bloody Bones, part I

Sitting in herter, waiting for my class to start[9:30].
it seems strange that
only a few weeks ago
there were leaves on the trees outside the window here;
there were squirrels too.

winter is like refreshing death.
cold is very refreshing[in moderation].
when it gets to be too much I feel a bit like I'm about to die,
but at this level
it's alright.

Bloody Bones:
Part I

[I don't think it's as good as the werewolf or the wendigo]

Ever since the baby came, everyone was too busy tending to Alicia’s new little brother to pay her any attention. She would paint pictures of mermaids for her mother, who would barely look before saying, “that’s nice, Alicia,” putting them down to feed the baby or cuddle the baby or play with the baby. Alicia’s sadness and resentment grew and grew, until she outright hated her new little brother. No one cared if she cleaned up her toys like a good girl, and no one cared if she was given time outs at preschool for unruly behavior. She was no longer the only child, glittering with importance, and, being only three, she didn’t like it one bit.
One night, Alicia’s parents were invited out to dinner with some old friends. Both were a little nervous at the idea of leaving their baby for the night; there had been a string of unexplained, extremely violent murders recently and one, a midnight break in, had even involved a child—a little boy not much older than Alicia. The police weren’t saying it, but the locals assumed a serial killer, and if a serial killer who was not above breaking into houses and slashing little boys’ throats at night, Alicia’s parents feared the worst for their children. Despite their fears, Alicia’s parents couldn’t refuse the invitation. They keyed in the four-digit code to activate their home security system and entrusted their daughter with the task of babysitting.
Upon the closing of the car doors and the roaring of the engine fading into the distance, the baby began to cry. He wailed and wailed, and Alicia had no idea what to do. She pulled a chair to the crib, standing on it to reach in and lift her brother out. He continued to cry, spitting and snotting all over her pajamas. Alicia wrinkled her nose in disgust.
“Quiet down,” she said, “Mommy and Daddy will be back soon. Just shut up, ok?”
The baby did not shut up. Instead, he grew louder still. Alicia began screaming and crying for him to be quiet but being a baby, he didn’t listen. He simply hiccupped and cried and continued to soak her clothes. Alicia slapped him across the face, to no avail. She shook him up and down a little but he only cried harder. She then took her thumb and forefingers and pinched his lips shut as hard as she could, but he simply screamed in an eerie high-pitched hum. She placed him back in his crib, using her other hand to hold his nostrils shut. Finally, silence. The baby flailed around for a minute or two before he was still. Alicia sighed, removing her hands from the baby’s face. Proud of herself for making her little brother fall asleep, she got down off the chair and made her way to the kitchen.

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