as if inside our skulls, instead of the brain, we felt a fish, floating, attracted by the Moon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the last I heard from you, you were screaming "resurrect"

Knock the world right off its feet
and straight onto its head.
the book of love will
long be laughing after you are dead.
fascinated by the look of you
and what was said.
make a play for all the
brightest minds and light will shed.

I hope dr. riley hires me. they pay all their lab techs regardless of experience. sandy said the only reason they might not hire me would be if they don't have the money to pay me [they just hired a bunch of new people, including danielle].

I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope.

I tried to stress how much I would simply love working in a biology lab,
because it seriously would be the closest to my dream job I can probably get.
ideally, I would want to work in a forensics lab or possibly a morgue. I don't know how obtainable that is.
to be able to do lab work in college would be
indescribably wonderful.
it's like:
think of whatever it is you love most
and imagine getting a jump start when you're only 18,
and imagine getting payed for it.
indescribably wonderful.

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