as if inside our skulls, instead of the brain, we felt a fish, floating, attracted by the Moon.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Bold whatever fits you best

Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper?

Cats, dogs, horses, lizards, or hamsters?

Television, movie theater, computer, Ipod, or gaming console?

Rock, rap, pop, metal, or punk?

Black, white, blue, red, or green?

Salad, hamburger, ice cream, chips, or fruit?

Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school (senior), or college?

United States, Canada, Australia, England, or Ireland?

Swimming, fishing, tanning, theme parks, or camping?

Snowball fights, snow forts, snowmen, snow angels, or sledding?

English, math, science, history, or art?

Jelly beans, gummy worms, lollipops, chocolate bars, or cotton candy?

Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Gamecube, Super Nintendo, or Handheld?

Facebook, Xanga, MySpace, YouTube, or Google?

Early morning, late morning, early afternoon, or late afternoon?

Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or attic?

Face-to-face, home phone, instant messenger, cell phone, or chat site?

T-Shirt, hoodie, tank top, tube top, or halter top?

McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Burger King, or Dairy Queen?

Car, airplane, train, boat, or walking?

Coffee, tea, water, milk, or soda?

Drama, comedy, horror, action/adventure, or thriller?

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